Low Power FM (LPFM)

LPFM stations broadcast at up to 100 watts and are available to noncommercial entities but not individuals or commercial operations. Current broadcast licensees with interests in other media (broadcast or newspapers) are not eligible to obtain LPFM stations.

Guest Technology can prepare the engineering portion of the application and help your organization determine the optimal location for your LPFM.

Low Power FM 2nd Adjacent Waivers

Under the new LPFM rules, second adjacent LPFM applications will be granted if the applicant can demonstrate that there is no population within the predicted interference area of the protected station.  While the FCC allows applicants to draw a circle to serve as the predicted interference area, this is not a very accurate way to depict potential interference.

Guest Technology specializes in interference studies and can analyse if a proposed LPFM facility can operate in areas where the ‘circle’ method will not work due to population near the LPFM site.  We can then prepare a waiver request to be filed with the LPFM application.

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