Laramie Guest


Laramie Guest

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Laramie Guest has been the architect of some of the best FM move-ins of the 21st Century. The most recent was the relocation of WCTZ (now WKLV) from Stamford, CT into New York City for Cox Media Group, which sold the station to Educational Media Foundation.      

Other move-ins were crafted for Philadelphia, Denver, Richmond, Honolulu, and a number of other markets.

Incorporating research from various FCC database sources, Laramie is adept at identifying opportunities in FM spectrum and designing scenarios to make them happen. Working with and around ‘grandfathered’ stations is a specialty.

Guest also authored software that robotically tracks FCC databases on a minute-by-minute basis and extracts information appearing about Guest Technology or its clients.

Laramie has been quoted on technical matters in the San Francisco Chronicle, Philadelphia Enquirer, Denver Post, San Jose Mercury, and Bloomberg Business News along with various radio trade publications. He has filed a number of Comments on behalf of the radio industry with the FCC to help streamline the rule-making process for station allocations.

Laramie also designed and implemented the back-end software that drives online radio service TheRadio.Com, which features more than 200 channels of music in a wide variety of genres.

His landmark 2007 test in Northern California demonstrating the potential effectiveness of online radio in cars drew much attention from media as well as from manufacturers. 

Prior to his groundbreaking spectrum development career, Laramie worked at Production Systems, Inc., Atlanta, where he designed and developed a computer-driven Industrial parts retrieval system (robot) for automatic selection and delivery.

Laramie has also been honored by the Charleston Regional Business Journal as one of its “Forty Under 40” business leaders.

He is a native of Gainesville, GA, and grew up in a radio family, with both parents in the industry.  He attended Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta, Georgia.

Civic roles have included service with “Happy Wheels,” which delivers toys weekly to patients at the Children’s Hospital of the Medical University of South Carolina. Laramie is also in the process of developing the myriad online aspects of VietnamVeterans.US, an information and entertainment service for veterans. He serves on the organization’s Board of Directors.